A Letter to Dear Customers


Dear customers,

  Thank you for choosing us to make bobblehead for you. May be it is a special gift to you, but to us, it is our great pleasure.

  Uniting partners who love handcraft, we have been making bobblehead for more than 10 years. Our original intention is to seek for the beauty in life. All bobbleheads we made are handmade, which means they are unique and special for you.

custom bobbleheads

  In order to freeze your beautiful moment and let you have an unforgettable gift, we will contact with you in time in the process of handcrafting to perfect all details that you demand, which are all decided by you.

personalized pop bobbleheads

   Only when you feel 100% satisfied with the design can we start to make the bobblehead. All we wish is to create a resembling and stereoscopic avatar of you.




customize bobbleheads

  The craftsmanship is various, and the market price of bobbleheads is different, but your memory is precious and invaluable. So at Preamic, you can always see flash sales and favourable prices that we offer to you.

  As for delivery, no worry, we will make sure that your bubblehead meet you  the fastest way possible by striving to shorten the production cycle. Despite the changes and modifications in each process, your unique bubblehead can be fulfilled on time, and it must be satisfactory final product.

fully diy custom bobble

  We are so lucky to meet you, dear customers, and we are pleasure to witness your beautiful memory and freeze it through our hands. We wish that our crafts can be a special souvenir in your beautiful life!




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