Going Along the Life Journey


Life is a journey, in which you will see different people with different sceneries. What does an ideal  life mean to you? What do you expect from life? Maybe following its path and never regretting will be the wise choice.

When you are a baby, you are the apple of your parents' eyes. Your smile, your cry, your toddling…all

affect your parents. It is also the cutest period in your life.

baby bobbleheads

When you become older, you come to enter school and meet more friends. You start to learn and explore this world with all your curiosity.

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Graduation day, also your 'Rites of Passage'. Parents congratulate you of entering  a new phase of life. You may be away from your parents of schooling, but they will always care you.

Graduation bobbleheads

You meet your beloved couple and get married this day. It will be your most blessed day in your life. You come down the aisle, wearing a smile, that is really a vision of loveliness.

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Now there comes the extension of your life. You are also a parent now. Seeing your little baby, your childhood time seems to emerge in your mind. You swear to give all the best life and the world's deepest love to your baby.

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Your children grow up and have their own life. You and your lover sitting peacefully in the yard, looking back the old photos and recalling the past days. Life could be so short with your lover's accompanying. 

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