Do You Know How Your Bobblehead Is Made?



Your bobblehead may be cute, cool or romantic, but do you know how it is made? What is it made from? What are the mould procedures?

  •   Materials: polyresin

With its highly customizable characteristics, polyresin makes the finished product be highly detailed in all aspects of the design. Polyresin is the industry standard when it comes to producing bobblehead dolls, and it is non-toxic as long as it is quality product.

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Some other producers might use polymer clay instead. It is a substitute cheaper but much more fragile, and it might dry, crack, and is easily broken over time - while polyresin wouldn't crack or dry out, and is much more durable.

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  • Mould procedures
  1. Knead

Knead the raw clay to reduce the air bubble and fissure so as to make it smooth in surface.


2.Mould and shape


It is the most important procedure in bobblehead making. The producer's craft has a determinant role in building a resembled bobblehead. Assist materials, such as needle, tube, leaf are sometimes needed to make the bobblehead stable and artistic.


make the bobblehead




After firing for around 10 minutes in the oven, your bobblehead is almost done! Take it out and make some revisions when necessary, and it will become your amazing bobblehead!



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