Pre Order

To order your custom Bobblehead doll:
Prepared minimum 2 Pictures: Clear(High pixel), Straight front and Side profile. Straight front shot: Not tilted to left, right, up or down) see samples below. 

1. Click on the one of the categories and select the style of bobblehead music,wedding,family, etc). 

2. Find the body style you like, you can click the image for a larger view. 

3. Select the options, hair, eye, and skin color, upload photos and special instructions and comments.


4. Review your order in the cart, and click checkout to purchase. 

5. Choose payment method, PayPal or Credit Card. 

6. Payment completes.

   After about 15 days, you will receive your delicate handmade bobblehead.

   If you have any trouble, questions, or need shipping rates to special areas, please feel free to contact us