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Handmade Air-dry Clay Figurines - Yae Miko Aranara

Handmade Air-dry Clay Figurines - Yae Miko Aranara

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◆ Product Introduction: This is a Doujin figurine of Aranara, meticulously crafted entirely by hand using air-dry lightweight clay.

◆ Material Introduction: Air-dry lightweight clay is a highly portable crafting material, and proper storage methods can help maintain the appearance and integrity of the clay creations. Please avoid direct sunlight, moisture or water exposure, as well as heavy pressure and impacts, when storing lightweight clay products.

◆ Size and Weight: 8*8*9cm(±2cm); 100g(±20g)

◆ Special Note:  Handcrafted products are made by hand, and as a result, they may exhibit certain artisanal characteristics such as handmade marks, minor imperfections, variations in color, and shape irregularities. These distinctive features are part of the allure of handcrafted items and set them apart from mass-produced goods.

So, I hope Nara Enthy could understand and embrace these artisanal traits as they contribute to the unique charm of the items. While we strive to ensure the quality and aesthetics of every Aranara, it is important to note that handmade items may have minor flaws and imperfections.

If Nara Enthy happen to notice any handcrafted flaws or imperfections upon receiving Aranara, please contact me promptly. I will make every effort to address and resolve any issues and provide you with the best possible service. 


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